Taking Care of People Is What We Do

– With Southside Insurance

Now that you have your commercial insurance with Intact through Southside Insurance that meets and exceeds the Government of Alberta Family Day Home Standards. We can provide you with insurance for your home and car with a discount designed especially for providers with Calgary & Region Family Day Home Agency.

Taking Care of People Is What You Do

As a child care provider, we know that you strive to provide the highest quality of care to those thatneed it most - our children. We know you have an important job to do for your customers because we also have an important job to do for you.

Taking Care of People It's What We Do

As your broker, our job is to help protect the things you care about and worked so hard to build - your business. Together with Intact Insurance, our strength is to make you whole again when an unforeseen event occurs. Both of us will continue to strive to deliver a claims experience that’s easy, fair and respectful from start to finish. Your customers expect the best from you and it’s why you should expect the same from your insurance company and your broker.

Program Details

In collaboration with Calgary & Region Family Day Home Agency, Southside Insurance can get you more for your insurance and savings.

  • 15% discount on your Home & Auto policy
  • Free Monthly Payment
  • Extra Coverage
  • Free Conviction & Accident Waivers (if risk is eligible)
  • If you should have a claim, you are protected with Intact Insurance’s 24/7 Claims Guarantee: Customers can call Intact Insurance 24/7 and within 30 minutes, they’ll put you in touch with an Intact Insurance Claim Representative within 30 minutes or they’ll write you a cheque for the amount of your annual premium up to $1,000.*




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